JFK’s Secret Splurge: 1,200 Cuban Cigars & a Blockade – The Inside Story!

In a twist of irony, JFK covertly secured over 1k Cuban cigars hours before enacting an embargo.

In a theatrical play of political maneuvers and fine tobaccos, the tale of President John F Kennedy’s clandestine purchase of 1,200 Cuban cigars on the brink of an embargo is the stuff of legends. Here, we delve into this aromatic world of Cuban craftsmanship, the Petit Upmann, and JFK’s undeniable penchant for them.

The Cigar Stage is Set: A Forbidden Desire

JFK’s Favourite? A Hand Rolled Cuban Petit Upmann Cigar

Hailing from Cuba’s oldest cigar brand, the H Upmann boasts a legacy that dates back to 1844, thanks to the entrepreneurial flair of brothers Herman and August Upmann. Their blend of high-quality tobacco from the coveted Vuelta Abajo region produced a medium-flavoured smoke, ideal for those evenings of deep thought and relaxation. Among the offerings of this line was the Petit Upmann, notably favored by JFK himself. However, much to the dismay of aficionados, this blend met its twilight in 2002.

The Clock Ticks: How Kennedy Crafted History with Tobacco

Drawing inspiration from the global fervor of cigars international, JFK entrusted his press head and cigar confidant, Pierre Salinger, with a mission: to secure 1,000 Petit Upmanns before they could be deemed illegal. The next day saw JFK beaming at the news of obtaining 1,200 of these Cuban treasures. Without hesitation, he took pen to paper, sealing the fate of Cuban imports into the U.S.

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on

John F Kennedy

To Smoke or Not to Smoke? That is the Cigar Online Question

For those navigating the best place to buy cigars online, one might wonder how to smoke a cigar of such caliber as the Petit Upmann. While that particular blend is no longer available, the search for a supreme smoking experience continues unabated, with destinations such as catering to those in quest of quality.

JFK’s Secret Splurge: 1,200 Cuban Cigars & a Blockade

The Ban’s Impact and America’s Cuban Dance

The ensuing years have seen a dichotomy. On one hand, American society moved at a rapid pace, with men venturing into space and dancefloors pulsating with ‘The Twist’. On the other, the Cuban embargo, initiated during the Cold War, stood unyielding. Advocates hail the ban as a shield against a government that remains a persistent irritant for Washington. Detractors, however, label it as an outdated relic, detrimental to ordinary Cubans.

To explore more about the intricate relationship between cigars and their international status, the blog offers compelling insights.

In a tale of politics intertwined with the world of fine tobacco, JFK’s passion for cigars demonstrates the enduring allure of the Cuban craft. As we look back, we’re left pondering: Was it the taste, the craft, or the impending embargo that ignited JFK’s last-minute purchase? Regardless, the legacy of that aromatic choice lingers on, a testament to the timelessness of Cuban cigars in a world of changing policies and tastes.

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